Less than a month ago, a Western Australian man pleaded guilty in court to using the postal service to send packages containing his own feces and urine to Hollywood actors such as Leonardo, DiCaprio and Jared Leto. Sentenced to two years on a “good behavior bond”, which is a type of non-custodial sentence in the Australian legal system that requires the offender to be of “good behavior” for a certain period, the man and his actions were also recently cited the attention of Jared Leto himself.

In fact, during a recent appearance on The Kyle and Jackie O Show to promote the new Thirty Seconds to Mars album, the actor and singer was asked, “A man in Australia was arrested for sending you and Leonardo DiCaprio a package. urine and feces containing it. Has it reached you? Have you heard about this? “Thank God, no!” Jared responded before wryly adding, “Sounds like the kid needs a hobby. Or maybe he has one and he’s taken it too far.”

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