Jenna Ortega, leader of Masacre Americana on Amazon Prime Video: find out the plot of her new film

Jenna Ortega in the movie
Jenna Ortega in the movie “Scream”.

Jenna Ortegaforgotten star of recent times, known for his work in the series Merlina (Wednesday) de Netflix and as part of the cult saga Screamthe main character of the next movie Amazon Prime Video: Masacre Americana (American massacre).

The film contains a critique of modern racism through the eyes of teenagers. Ortega interprets the paper key as one of the people influenced by the governor’s order to arrest immigrants. To avoid burdens, young people voluntarily look after older people in institutions.

As the story progresses, the main characters unite in a heated conspiracy that finds itself at the center of the attention of large adults, which sheds light on the desperation facing immigrant communities and exposes deep-rooted social problems.

Masacre Americana Official Trailer Capture
Masacre Americana Official Trailer Capture

Junto al personaje de OrtegaEstan Japan (Jorge Lendeborg Jr..) Yes Big Macs (Allen Maldonado), people must obey orders Eddie (Eric Dane). On the other hand, the direction and direction of the film are under strain Diego Hallivis.

Masacre Americanahorror film from 2022, will be released in Amazon Prime Video Come October 27, which promises to reflect on the problems plaguing the modern United States.

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