Jenna Ortega talks about Wednesday 2, TV series will be less about love and more about horror

Jenna Ortega is ready to return to the small screen wednesday 2 And the news, it seems, will not subside

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Less and less until the return of Wednesday Addams to the small screen with Season 2 of the series, which still sees actress Jenna Ortega in the role of the iconic Dark Girl. If the first season left fans in doubt about a possible development in the friendship between Wednesday and Xavier, Ortega promises a truly unexpected surprise.

Wednesday 2, words of Jenna Ortega

To reveal what will be the main themes of the second season of the TV series Wednesday Jenna Ortega herself during an interview with Elle Fanning Diversity, The change from the first season will obviously be pretty obvious: any possibility of a love story between teenage Wednesday and one of Nevermore’s castmates is virtually nil. The focus of the new season will actually shift to the horror aspect of the series, with the disturbing characterizations taking a decidedly more daring direction. The actress said that she has received drafts of the first two episodes, though the season is still in development.

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Wednesday 2, Goodbye to Love

Therefore, according to Ortega’s words, the series will drop any romantic interest surrounding Wednesday, instead delving into the dark side of the plot between characters with vampires, werewolves, and superpowers. Although the scary aspect is dominant, the playful and light part will not fail, which has sarcasm and irony. Wednesday Already hooked us with the first season. The absence of new love triangles does not bother the actress, which instead suggests the development of a sincere and brotherly relationship between Wednesday and Javier. The occasion has been described by Ortega himself as “sweet and fresh”.


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Jenna Ortega, words for female characters

The actress, who is also involved as a producer on the new season, shared words of respect and admiration for the show’s “incredible female leads”. So she showed a desire that is no longer hidden, to work again with Gwendoline Christie, the interpreter who voiced and faced Principal Weems during the first season and with whom the young actress established a relationship of mutual support and respect. Is. what is surprising wednesday 2 Have they not expired?

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