Jenna Ortega’s future in Panico 7 has been decided, the site reports

See you or not?

Recent rumors say that due to her open recording schedule, Jenna Ortega is being dropped from the roster or being on Panico 7 for less time. No, for now, I’m not going to tell you!

According to The Wrap, in a note published last week (10), the actress is set to return with a seventh slasher film to fill her busy schedule. Tara Carpenter lives in the artist’s production.

In this situation, Tim Burton should also force Tim Burton to speed up the production of Phantasms is Fun 2 (2024) after the heavy film of Hollywood actors and spinners, so that the artist may not be able to face Ghostface since they are also working in the 2nd season “Vandigny” (2024).

“Panic 7”:

Currently, not much is known about the production such as summary, synopsis and other details as we are talking about the production in its initial stage. However, according to an insider, the seventh film is set to take place during the Christmas period.

Alem said that Panico 7 will have a new director: Christopher Landon of Death to Parabens (2017). It’s unclear if there will be a final version of the rotation, but there are expectations for the return of James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick.

The filmmakers should come sometime next year.

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