Jenni Hermoso recognized at world championship level by Pachuca and Liga MX Femenil

Jenny Hermoso Rejoined Pachuca after conquest fifa women’s world cup 2023 Australia-New Zealand Spanish Picks On August 20, after defeating England in the final.

The Spanish player received a warm welcome from his teammates Women’s Pachuca On Sunday, September 10, the team’s board of directors displayed a large banner in the stands with photos of him lifting the world championship and his best moments with the Gophers and the Spanish national team.

player of Pachuca women and cougarsTaking turns against their rivals, they followed the traditional corridor to greet the champion, with Hermoso walking by, thanking him for his gesture and showing off the medals he had won during the World Cup competition.

Historic Welcome from Pachuca’s Jeanne Hermoso

Team Hidalgo’s board of directors also handed over Jenny Hermoso A commemorative T-shirt commemorating achievements on land and sea, as well as a tribute to Marta Cox, Priscilla Chinchillas and Osinaki O’HalePlayers who represented Panama, Costa Rica and Nigeria in the World Cup.

Las Tuzas won 2-1 with goals from Cox and Salazar for the locals and a goal from Mónica Monsiváis Puma, this game corresponds to the 10th match day of Liga MX Femenil 2023. Jenni Hermoso played in the last six minutes of the game.

Luis Rubiales resigns amid controversy over kissing scene with Jenni Hermoso

although Jenny Hermoso After winning the title of Pachuca’s heroine world cupAn hour ago Luis Rubiales announces resignation The president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) announced through an official statement.

The manager is under investigation FIFAHe was suspended for 90 days by football’s top body a few weeks ago for, among other things, kissing Hermoso without consent and making an obscene gesture during the World Cup final.

Rubiales issued a statement on his social networks informing him of his decision Resigned as president of the Spanish Football Federation and vice-president of UEFA Pointing out that he would gain nothing if he stood his ground and blamed “the powers that be” for preventing his return.

The now ex-president understands that his continued tenure as FA president complicates Spain’s bid to host the 2030 World Cup, which they seek to co-host with Portugal and Morocco, but stresses that this is a disproportionate event that he opposes political campaign.

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