Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox celebrate Lisa Kudrow’s 60th birthday and touch fans by remembering 30 years they spent together

Lisa Kudrow’s birthday is a way to celebrate 30 years of friendship!

Friends, real best friends Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston also love each other in real life, not just on the screen that has taken them to homes (and hearts) around the world. The funniest and most popular sitcom on TV forged alliances that have lasted for over thirty years and deepened over the years. And fans are here to watch, eager to learn more about these strong bonds that are being forged despite the particular reality in which they are formed.

Lisa Kudrow recently turned sixty on July 30, 2023, and her best friends couldn’t help but wish her many heartfelt wishes as they look back on the story of their friendship and career together. That’s how they paid tribute to their beautiful, long-lasting and, most importantly, filled with laughter and fun connection!

Lisa Kudrow turns 60, friends Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston pay tribute to her on social media

Thirty years of friendship brought to social networks the best friends of Lisa Kudrow for her sixtieth birthday. On July 30, the actress moved into her second decade of doors, presenting them in gorgeous style as always. A great comedian, showwoman and, above all, always a star who kept the line between the Hollywood elite and perfect normality, this is how divas Jennifer Aniston and Cornty Cox, her colleagues on the cult sitcom Friends, glorify Lisa.

Please join me and celebrate one of my favorite people on the planet. Lisa Kudrow!!! She has been my friend and family for almost 30 incredible years! I love you, I adore you… my dear Flush. One of the most talented comedians I’ve had the honor of working with in all these glorious years!” – wrote Jennifer aniston in a post published in Instagram, accompanied by funny images of the actress.

Courteney Cox wrote in her post: “Happy birthday my Loot. This is my second attempt. ChatGPT didn’t quite convey to you the love I have for you. You are the smartest, funniest, most thoughtful person. I always feel seen and loved when I’m with you. It’s a gift from those you love.”

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