Jennifer Aniston starts workout 15-15-15. Things

She is one of the most loved and respected divas in Hollywood. Jennifer Anistonunforgettable Rachel from Friends. Actress who will reach 55 years next February, maintains an extraordinary physical shape. After all, Jen is a supporter of a simple life and lightness, even in sports. An attitude that pays off, especially when combined with constant and effective training. Jennifer Aniston’s training method has intrigued many also because the star demonstrates balance and harmony inside and outside of herself.

Method 15-15-15

Headboard Conversation ‘To taste, tastefully, stylishly’Aniston explained that her favorite workout is what she calls ’15-15-15′: quarter hour rotation on bike simulatoranother quarter of an hourelliptical and finally 15 minutes of running on Tapis Rulan. Usually, before starting a workout, you start by warming up your muscles for at least ten minutes stretch. The actress said that some time ago she was injured and therefore could only engage in Pilates. Jennifer loves this discipline but lacks the feel of cardio and sweat that certain exercises bring. After recovery, the star resumed keeping fit according to the 15-15-15 training system, combined with the same Pilates and yoga.

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In total, Jennifer Aniston’s workout includes three-quarters of an hour of cardiovascular training, working out different muscle groups on each machine. There are several advantages: good time management: a quarter of an hour for one tool is enough to get the result without exaggerating and not annoying; – full workout: on a stationary bike and treadmill, you focus mainly on the legs, on an elliptical trainer, both the upper and lower body are involved; – maintaining a heart rate: 15 minutes on the elliptical trainer helps maintain your heart rate without excessive energy expenditure, promoting heart and lung health and wellness; – fun: Despite the commitment, these stimulating workouts make exercising a pleasure, allowing you to burn calories effortlessly.


There are also some disadvantages to consider method 15-15-15: if you do not have the necessary exercise equipment at home, you will have to go to the gym or an equipped sports center. An alternative to Jennifer Aniston’s DIY version of the workout might involve 30 minutes of workout divided into 15 minutes. a ride on the bicycle and 15 minutes jogging outdoors. Obviously, the method Aniston followed was specifically designed for her and does not necessarily work for everyone, so it would be advisable to consult with a qualified and competent personal trainer first to customize the workout to suit your particularities, abilities, and needs.

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