Jennifer Garner will return as Elektra in the film

Jennifer Garner to reprise her role of Elektra in Deadpool 3; This will be the first return to the role since 2005’s Daredevil solo spin-off.

jennifer garner Elektra will return as Natchios deadpool 3returning to the role for the first time in nearly twenty years, as she last played the Frank Miller creation killer electra 2005, spin-off of his appearance in the 2003 film version dare the devilwith my future husband, Ben Affleck.

deadpool 3 filming now and will check back Ryan Reynolds as Wade “Deadpool” Wilson and will be directed by shawn levy (who directed Reynolds’ two previous film projects, free boy And adam project,

What does Elektra’s appearance reveal about the story of the film?

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Garner’s inclusion as Elektra follows recent rumors about former Marvel superhero actors such as Ben Affleck’s Daredevil, as well as superhero actors whose films were never actually produced, such as Channing Tatum as Gambit.

this suggests The film will rely heavily on the multiverse concept, as breaking the fourth wall may very well be able to shed light on the various alternate universe versions of all these movie characters. (This includes Deadpool and Wolverine as well as differing versions of Reynolds and Hugh Jackmanwho famously would return as Wolverine in the project).

Jennifer Garner joins the production of which movie? deadpool 3,

Garner is the first major former female superhero to officially sign on to the project (excluding, of course, Jackman as Wolverine, which was announced alongside the announcement of the ongoing third installment film). Of course, the actress also starred in adam project She worked with both Reynolds and Levy, playing the mother of Reynolds’ character.

Her return as Elektra for the Marvel Cinematic Universe project marks a second chance for her, who last year lamented that she never got the chance to work on a superhero film for Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige: “It’s really a shame, to be honest, because once Kevin took over, everything got better: the writing, the directing, the comedy in the stories he was telling, and I couldn’t partake in the experience”,

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