Jennifer Lawrence in cropped jeans and flats revives the controversial duo of the 2010s

For celebrities who want to be considered fashionable, there are two popular options: dressing head-to-toe in The Row or wearing “bright red.” It will also help if the outfit includes ballet flats or some unusual flat shoes. This is something Jennifer Lawrence (and her stylist Jamie Mizrachi) know all too well. For a date night with her husband last night, the actor wore an off-the-shoulder scarlet jersey, high-waisted jeans and corduroy flats.

With cropped ankle jeans and practical flats, Jennifer Lawrence came dangerously close to the 2013 Charlotte Olympia aesthetic. say, “Yes, let me sit you down and tell you a rather long anecdote about what my house cat did this morning! You will think this is unusual and completely unexpected on my part!”

But Lawrence’s outfit was less sentimental and a little more glamorous than it was back then. Partly because she accessorized the look with a lopsided Aupen bag, tennis necklace and Tiffany & Co x Elsa Peretti wrist cuff. But also because Catwoman’s sweater exposed her braless torso. It’s all about “caring enough, but not too much,” as Mizrachi said. “Cool, classic and elegant.”

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