Jennifer Lawrence VS Spicy Chicken Wings: Viral Video and Post-Interview Revelation

Seven million views in just five days and that average continues to rise rapidly. Hosting Jennifer Lawrence To Hottalk show on Youtube that tests the resilience of actors with dishes from super spicy chicken wings, became nothing more than viral on social media, where many users went crazy with gifs and memes, along with a wave of compassionate comments towards the actress, an obvious difficulty in combating the burning sensation caused by sauces.

The format (very bad) provides that the conductor Sean Evans and his guests eat ten hot wings (or a vegetarian/vegan alternative depending on guests’ preferences), each cooked with gradually increasing hot sauce. Guest to promote his latest film, girlfriend for rent (here’s our review), Jennifer Lawrence looked pretty calm in the first part of the interview, only to then start to more or less “lean in” after the middle of the road when she found herself face to face with a terrible sauce DA BOMB (about 14 minutes of video below). The effect was immediate: red eyes, tears and a runny nose. In short, hellfire in the mouth. From there, Lawrence continued with great effort, between glasses of milk and water, but never fully recovered:I don’t know what to do, nothing helps me!” she cried several times in despair.

A few days after the episode was posted, Jennifer returned to speak about it on See what’s happening live Andy Cohen, admitting that after the interview she became very ill, to the point that throw “forcibly”. “I then vomited violently. brutally”– admitted the actress The Hunger Games, adding: “I managed to get to my room upstairs. We were shooting at the Four Seasons Hotel, my stomach gave me about eight minutes to get to my room, and there … ” – he concluded in a suspended state, with a rather eloquent grimace.

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