Jennifer Lopez Romantic Social Tribute to Ben Affleck on First Wedding Anniversary

It’s been a year since then Jennifer Lopez AND Ben Affleck – after a secret wedding in Las Vegas – they said “yes” to each other again at the star’s estate Georgia: pompous wedding On August 20, 2022, in front of 250 guests, including relatives, friends and some stars, the celebration lasted three days and cost $25 million. And now, to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, J. Lo has dedicated a romantic secular letter to her husband:Dear Ben, Sitting here alone and looking at my ring, I feel overwhelmed. I want to sing and sing more… We ended up here, without rewinding the tape. Oh my God, this is my life…,” writes Lopez, accompanying two yes photos in Georgia.

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The first photo shows the bride and groom, both in white. they laugh while exchanging vows. In the second, they kiss passionately under a sky lit by fireworks (the wedding banquet actually ended with elaborate fireworks). Ben Affleck responded to his wife’s post with a very sweet comment: “A year ago… we made the best decision that could be for us… Always happy for us, J. Lo.”

Second photo posted by J.Lo on the occasion of the anniversary of the wedding with Ben Affleck

Jennifer and Ben were close to getting married after two years of engagement, also in 2003. Instead, surprisingly, in January 2004, news of farewell arrived. The gap, from which, according to Page six, “Jennifer Was Destroyed”. Then in 2021, a fabulous epilogue: the reunion of the Bennifers, who said yes twice in 2022. And now, a year after the double wedding, Lopez wanted to tell the world all her joy with a romantic secular dedication to her husband. And the second in a few days. August 15 last year, when he turned 51 years oldJ Lo congratulated him by posting video of them driving together in a car and singing wonderful world: “Happy birthday I love you!”, wrote J. Lo, accompanied by the film.

Despite the gossip that every two or three give a couple on the brink of divorceLong story short, Jennifer and Ben, one year after their (double) wedding, they seem more in love than ever. And the risk of a split (after 2004) predicted by the rumors seems – at least for now – really unlikely. Because, as Affleck wrote, commenting on the social dedication with which J.Lo celebrated her anniversary, becoming husband and wife – after almost twenty years of loss and then found again – they made “the best decision that could be for us.”

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