Jennifer Lopez surprise birthday gesture for Ben Affleck. How much romance!

Jennifer Lopez surprised her Ben Affleck with an unexpected gesture on his birthday. The actor just turned 51 and his wife could only amaze him!

Jennifer Lopez surprise birthday gesture for Ben Affleck.  How much romance!

Pop star Jennifer Lopez surprised her husband Ben Affleck dedicating a few special birthday wishes to him. The famous actor has just turned 51 years old, and his significant other could only surprise him with a very sweet gesture in his direction.

Jennifer Lopez, absolute romance for her Ben Affleck’s best wishes

Jennifer Lopez spent part of the summer holidays in one of his favorite places in Italy, Capri. Between shopping in the center and boat trips, she stopped at a place that she especially loves, and those present were delighted with the unexpected performance. The pop star went on vacation alone, there was no trace left with her Ben Affleck.

A few days ago, on August 15, an American actor blew out 51 candles. His wife could only return home to celebrate with him. The love story of the singer and Ben Affleck this is a real fairy tale: the couple met after twenty years. Their relationship was one of the most talked about in the early 2000s and they were about to get married. Their sudden break destabilized everyone.

Several decades of their lives went their separate ways, but in the end they found each other. The couple’s fans never lost hope for their memories, and when JLo and Ben got married, the joy was overwhelming. They got married last year in the same place where their ceremony was supposed to take place twenty years ago: large villa actor. Today, they are very much in love with each other and after celebrating her birthday together, they also got together to celebrate his special day.

Jennifer Lopez she couldn’t leave her Ben alone on his birthday. On August 15, the actor turned 51 and the pop star was spotted leaving the Maybourne Hotel in Beverly Hills after returning from a vacation in Italy. To pay tribute to her biggest love, the pop star donned T-shirt dedicated to him. A poem by Rumi, a famous Persian poet of the 13th century, is printed in black on a white T-shirt. “You are the soul of the universe and the name of the tour is love“, – written on the T-shirt. The wording means:”You are the soul of the universe and your name is love“.

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