Jennifer Lopez’s cellophane nails are the new understated way of saying shimmer

Cellophane can be an unlikely starting point for a beauty trend. But Jennifer Lopez she just experimented with cellophane-style nails and almost overnight she was named as the manicure to try for this spring. Even if its creator Tom Bachik defined them in the comment on the Instagram post Micro French Fantasy, to intrigue is the association with the transparent film that we all have in our homes.

The trend is exactly as it sounds: a dreamy, holographic sheen inspired by the hues of the rainbow that appear on a cellophane sheet; think mermaidcore meets Hailey Bieber’s glazed donuts nails with a touch of aurora iridescence to achieve the perfect mix.

Plus, it’s the ideal spring manicure if chrome nails seem too strong for you but you’ve already exhausted the full spectrum of nude nails.

That said, cellophane nails are still in keeping with the minimalist aesthetic that pairs fresh skin with dewy makeup, only they’re less ordinary. Undeniably refined, the manicure also works for a glamorous red carpet look, as Jennifer demonstrates.

For the premiere of her husband Ben Affleck’s new film, Airher manicurist Tom Bachik adorned her long, almond-shaped nails with a part-clear, part-milky cellophane polish.

In his Instagram post, Tom revealed how Jennifer paired her manicure with a rhinestone-embellished clutch and oversized ring. It was a thoughtful move, as her nails subtly mirror the way crystals refract light, creating subtle flashes of colour.

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Want to try the trend at home? Among the most suitable shades, Nails Inc Plant Power Nail Polish in Going Somewhere And Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer in Cellophane Coat.

Or check out TikTok, where the cellophane nails are trending with over 2 million views. Content creators are playing with cellophane nails in all its forms, from short, glittery to lipstick-tipped iterations. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear cellophane nails…

Cellophane effect nails with lipstick

Nude cellophane nails

Stiletto transparent cellophane nails

Cellophane nails embellished with flowers

Short cellophane effect nails

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