Jeremy Allen White from Bear kisses Ashley Moore

Although in recent weeks there have been news of a possible flirtation between Selena Gomez and Jeremy Allen Whitein the past few hours, gossip has swept away the photos that immortalize the actor Bear while kissing a model Ashley Moore.

flirting between Jeremy White and the 30-year-old comes two months after the star’s divorce announcement unscrupulous and wife Addison Timlin after more than three years of marriage. The couple married in 2019 and have two children, Ezer and Dolores, born in 2018 and 2020 respectively.

Although last week Jeremy Allen White and his ex-wife were photographed hugging in public, an insider close to the couple confirmed that the two ex-spouses are very close, but also that they are not going to get back together, as evidenced by kisses between the actor Bear and Ashley.

“They have gone their separate ways but are getting along,” the source said. People adding, “They love their kids and all spend time together. When he filed for divorce, she was devastated. Since then, things have settled down a bit. Rumor has it that it would Jeremy Allen wanting to end the marriage, which Addison wanted to continue instead.

After announcing the breakup with 32-year-old Addison Timlinactress seen in Californication, was very candid about the difficulties she faced as a young single mother, admitting that: “it’s not the way I imagined it.” So Addison wrote on Instagram, later describing as “tedious” and “exhausting” this new family situation when she suddenly found herself alone.

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