Jeremy Renner walks without a cane again

About seven months after the accident in which he nearly died, Jeremy Renner started walking again without a cane. So, here are some pictures in which he appears in perfect shape.

ABOUT seven months after the accident where he risked his life Jeremy Renner AND returned to walking without the aid of sticks or crutches. In recent days, the star was actually immortalized in perfect shape along with his friend and colleague Casey Affleck when he went to Kate Beckinsale’s birthday party. So it looks like the worst is finally behind us.

Jeremy Renner immortalized himself in perfect shape at Kate Beckinsale’s birthday party

As can be seen from the photos shared by the magazine People, Jeremy Renner is finally walking on his own. After several weeks in the hospital, the actor actually began a long process of physical and psychological rehabilitation, who managed to return to perfect shape, despite numerous injuries and a fracture of more than 30 bones. Last January, the star was actually hit by a snow blower while cleaning his driveway. Lake Tahoe, weight his nephewWhat was in danger of being crushed straight from the middle. Having given the first interview in April, in one ABC News special dedicated to him – by name Jeremy Renner: Diane Sawyer Interview – A Story of Horror, Survival and Triumph – and have took part in theDisney+ world premiere RenervationThus, the actor first appeared in public without the help of a cane to go to 50th birthday of Kate Beckinsale.

After all, Jeremy Renner’s determination was immediately evident. Many of his MCU co-stars – the star is best known for his role as Clint Burton/Hawkeye – have actually highlighted his incredible resilience and Hailee Steinfeld — his co-star on the miniseries Hawkeye – he confirmed that he is a superhero in real life as well. Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson instead, they visited him in the hospital, impressed by his humor and the incredible progress he made in just a few days. The actor during an ABC television special actually revealed that he “decided to survive” and that he was back on his feet thanks to the love he received from his family, colleagues and fans:

I felt all the pain, I was awake every moment (…) What will my body be like? Am I just going to be backbone and brain like a science experiment? But I decided to survive. He wouldn’t kill me. In this experience, I lost a lot of flesh and bones, but replaced them with titanium and love (…)

So it remains only to wait for the review Jeremy Renner on set.

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