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The actress was born Jessica Chastainwho is presenting at the San Sebastian festival his film with Michel Franco “Memory”, called on this wonderful actor in the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) to feel the desire to negotiate with actors in the hot seat with Hollywood actors.

“Once we finish issuing the guidelines, nothing will stop AMPTP from being on the table,” I told her today during a meeting with a group of journalists to record this after July 12 at SAG – AFTRA (Sindicato de Actores) offers to negotiate, patronage, uniting large studios, “has no support.”

“Now is the moment, they lost 5 billion dollars, if they are causing this kind of damage, then the situation must end.”announced as an Oscar winner for The Eyes of Tammy Faye (2022).

Chastain is the only major Hollywood star to take part in the 71st San Sebastian Film Festival, thanks to the diversity of actors who started on July 14 and who are so eager to try and participate in the promotions of her work, with the exception of the case of independent productions using AMPTP, for example “Memory”.

Performers are demanding, among other things, the regular use of artificial intelligence, increased remuneration for streaming and an increase in the minimum wage.

Based on this agreement, it was agreed upon with the WGA, which coincided with some recommendations and led to the establishment of the principle of an agreement with the AMPTP, which, once signed and ratified, would require up to a minimum of 150 days.

In San Sebastian he wore a shirt with his name on it, which he also wore during the last Venice Festival, where he admitted that he was afraid to speak up in his own defense because his own team discouraged him from doing so.

The actress also noted that she is aware of the fact that there are more actors who are not ready to prepare for the consequences that can be achieved in her career. “I talk to people who don’t speak up for me, both in terms of the color of their skin and the abuses that happen in the industry.”I speak.

I’m sure you’ll be watching this film in 2021, when you won Best Actress at La Concha de Plata for The Eyes of Tammy Faye, and in 2014, when you presented The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby.

In Memento, Chastain plays a woman with a history of abuse and alcoholism who enters into a relationship with a man suffering from dementia (Peter Sarsgaard, who won Best Actor at Venice), a performance that only took place at the beginning of her relationship. with Mexican Michel Franco.

The actress confirmed that another “secret” film was being filmed on the same page, about which she did not want to share details.

“Working with Michel is like doing theater, we want to do everything from your side, it is a valuable experience, we continue to make another film together and I hope it will be a long journey,” I speak.

Franco only clarified that the end of the journey is three weeks, that part of it passes through Mexico, and part of it in the United States, and that he has “very Mexican problems.”

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