Many Hollywood stars continue to support SAG-AFTRA’s demands against production and distribution companies. Not only through donations and press statements, but also by “arming” themselves with signs and banners and joining marches in front of the Studios offices. On Monday, it was Jessica Chastain’s turn, who was photographed attending the SAG-AFTRA vigil in New York City.

The actress joined the protesters wearing a T-shirt with a slogan that has come to light in recent weeks: “SAG-AFTRA ON Strike!”, the same one featured on the banner she was waving. Meanwhile, as we reported the other day, on October 12, the negotiating table between representatives of the actors’ union and the top management of the studios collapsed. Thus, after an attempt at confrontation that lasted less than two weeks, the strike resumed in full and has been ongoing since July 14.

At present the situation seems to have reached a dead end. SAG-AFTRA strives to guarantee 2% of the profits from each movie or series streamed, as well as a percentage of the image rights. This will be the crux of the negotiations: the union will attack the producers for putting forward an agreement that “was worth less than what they offered before the strike.”

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