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The actress was born Jessica Chastain I’m speaking this Saturday in Mexico, where I present Michel Franco’s Memento, which this director and the Mexican director Guillermo del Toro, as well as the cinematographer of the same nationality, Emmanuel Lubezki, share a “joie de vivre”.

“They are very different, but what “El Chivo” (Lubezki) and the two of them (Del Toro and Franco) have in common is a joy for life and curiosity. Keep this feeling of joy all the time on set,” said the actress at a conference held as part of the International Film Festival of Morelia (FICM), where the Red Shadow Center and the special function “Memory” took place this Saturday.

The actress, who worked with Del Toro in Crimson Peak (2015) and with Lubezki in The Tree of Life (2010), said she was “very inspired to work with him.”

“If you feel like the possibilities are endless because you’re creating a new language. I love them and I enjoy working with each of them.” general.

Memento is a drama set in New York City, where a social worker and single mother (Jessica Chastain) tries to overcome alcoholism and support her daughter, with whom she is very protective of the various successes of her childhood and adolescence.

Her life changes when she meets Saul (Peter Sarsgaard), who initially haunts her home, although she then doesn’t remember him and immediately begins a journey of introspection.

The belt makes repeated references to sexual violence against women, a difficult topic amid the explosive “Me Too” movement years ago in Hollywood, which Chastain became aware of after reading the guide.

“I know where this film is. When society despairs about violence against women, revanchism often arises.” – she said and continued by saying that she was touched by what the main character talked about “healing and changing energy.”

“He doesn’t live with trauma, he lives life through his relationship with Saul. I seemed very inspiring.” connected.

The actress and Franco said that after wrapping Dreams, a story starring Chastain in which her character, a woman who works at an arts foundation, falls in love with a ballerina played by Mexican dancer and actor Isaac Hernandez. .

According to their calculations, the belt between San Francisco and Mexico was torn.

“It’s very important for me to get here, and working with Michel is very inspiring and gives me a feeling of satisfaction,” He finished.

His department colleague Sarsgaard, who won the Volpi Award for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival for this work, matched Chastain in the enjoyment he was to derive from Memento.

“One of the things that appeals to me about this film is that you have a lot of films about someone’s last days, but here we come to this man and this woman who still have a real opportunity to follow life. That’s an unusual thing about this film.” opinion.

She believed that all people belong to each other and that “we are all a ticking time bomb,” and this man’s attitude was very inspiring to her. “Sometimes you learn a lot about the person you represent and gain experience.”– Sarsgaard finished.

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