Jesús Castro opens up about his terrible time living with tennis player Serena Williams

Jesus Castro.

  • Cristian Galvez asks Jesus Castro about his anecdote with Serena Williams in Caja Mágica

  • The actor relives the moment he lived with a professional tennis player, while Cristian Galvez can’t hold back his laughter

  • See Telecinco Online “25 Words”

jesus castro has become one of the guests 25 characters this afternoon he and Peparos Get as many points as possible for Daeda on his first show.

During the program, Christian Galvez He took the opportunity to chat for a while with Jesús Castro, who told him an interesting anecdote about one day at Caja Mágica with former player Serena Williams. play tennis.

“You play tennis too? Didn’t anything happen to you and Serena? It’s just that they asked me to tell me I was dying,” the host asked before starting the test.

Without hesitation, the actor said a word: “I was invited to the Magic Box at an event, I was serving, I controlled the serve and they told me to give it power. It was the magic box, I energized it, and I hit Serena Williams in the eye. It was dead silent and they never called me again, obviously, that’s why I love football.Can’t even see the racket for the ball, so Serena Williams didn’t move, imagining how the ball went, it flew straight to the eyelid. Since I have never been to Caja Mágica again, if you have any contact information…”.

Jesús Castro relives the moment he lived with the tennis pro in “25 Words,” while Cristian Galvez couldn’t help laughing as he listened to his guest’s story.

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