Jodie Marsh shows off purple breasts as emu ‘kick’ leaves huge bruise

Jodie Marsh’s fans have told her to get her breasts checked after she suffered a painful “kick” from an emu.

The former beauty now runs an animal sanctuary in Essex and told fans she was left with bruises after the collision with the huge bird. Sharing a snap of the purple mark on her chest, she joked that it was just “farm life.”

The image posted to Instagram shows Jodie, 44, posing with her co-star Steph. Both lifted their outer clothing to show that they had similar marks on their chests from working with animals.

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“Steph and I have the same bruises on our chests,” said the star, who has openly revealed that she has had breast augmentation surgery in the past. “I’m a little worse off than she is. RURAL LIFE.”

Jodie has bruises on her chest

One fan asked if Jodie kicked the pony. But she replied: “I have an emu from the stroke!!”

Her subscribers were shocked and urged the star to examine the bruise just in case. “Omg Jodie that’s a serious bruise,” one wrote in the comments. “Please keep an eye on this x.”

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