Joe Burrow is NFL’s highest-paid player relieved

Oscar Mendes

this summer We’ve seen how Saudi Arabia disrupted the football transfer market Thanks for the huge financial investment. In the United States, something similar happens in the NFLalthough this is possible due to the importance of competition between North American countries and the large number of commercial and television agreements between them. Since the team has money, they will spend it on the best players. This summer, as many as four quarterbacks are in some way the highest-paid players in the entire game.

The last one is Joe Burrow, leader of the Cincinnati Bengals One of the best players in the league just reached an agreement with his team, signing a contract and$275 million extension over five years, or $55 million per year. All of these may not reach your bank account, and some of them depend on a series of bonuses or goals.but heGuaranteed weight for the next five years is 219 “kg”. almost none.

To the surprise of people who often follow the NFL, Next on the list of highest earners is also a quarterback. The three players behind Burrow signed extensions this summer. Los Angeles Chargers’ Justin Herbert traded for $262.5 million over five seasons.Before him the following extensions appeared Lamar Jackson (who also received $260 million over the next five years) and last Super Bowl finalist Jalen Hurts agreed to receive $255 million over five years.

The importance of the quarterback in the NFL cannot be replicated in any other sport. They are stars and receive the same treatment and pampering.that’s why The 16 highest-paid players in the league hold that position. You have to go to positions 17 and 18 to find the first defender.

Nick Bosa just agreed to a $34 million-per-year contract extension with the 49ers and Aaron Donald signs $31.6M contract with Rams After getting the ring in 2022. The first receiver on the list is Tyreke Hill, who signed with the Miami Dolphins for 30kg per year.

Historically, and could not have been otherwise, Tom Brady is the player who makes the most money playing in the NFL. He did this for over twenty years and was the one who successfully brought the most rings to his display case. He earned $332 million over 22 seasons with the Patriots and Tampa. Behind him were Drew Brees on the podium with 269.7kg and Ben Roethlisberger on the podium with 267kg.

Oscar Mendes

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