Joe Montana thinks best player ever is Dan Marino, not Tom Brady

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Three-time Super Bowl MVP Montana thinks his Super Bowl 19 opponent Marino will be unstoppable today

Joe Montanafour champions super bowl and San Francisco 49ers and members Hall of Fameconfirmed the best quarterback in history on Wednesday national football league yes Dan MarinoNo tom brady.

ocean He is one of the most unsung heroes in the game. People don’t talk about him enough and don’t realize the numbers he’s put up. He has the perfect upper body touch and the power to shoot the ball quickly and accurately,” he replied. Mountain No mention of who is the best quarterback in league history Brady.

Mountain He is considered the best quarterback in the league national football league his four championship rings San Francisco until Brady In a career of 23 years, he took away the distinction by winning 7 titles: he won 6 titles new england patriots and one with Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Dan Marino, Tom Brady and Joe Montana are three of the seven quarterbacks on the league’s top 100 lineup.Getty Images

In support of his argument, specifying most valuable Player inside super bowl No. 16, nineteen and Chapter Twenty Four and was chosen eight times career bowlthe asserted quality ocean They will make him unstoppable in today’s American football.

“put ocean, in today’s game, with the ability to get off the ball quickly, with the freedom and protection that a quarterback has, and the size of the receivers today, they’re really big, my God! ’ said the quarterback field who participated in the game with 49ers Between 1979 and 1992.

Dan Marino and miami dolphins From 1983 to 1999.Although he is Hall of Fame Considered a league legend, but never won a league title national football league.

only super bowl who brought Miami went nineteenwho lost to 49ers Commander Joe Montana.

ocean led national football league Five passing yards and three touchdowns.

His single-season record of 48 touchdowns set in 1984 stood until Brady He broke that mark with 50 in the 2007 campaign and surpassed it peyton manning In 2013 it was 55 people.

Joe Montana also praised Patrick Mahomeswho led the kansas city chiefs get two super bowl.

“What he does and the situations he can handle is very different from other quarterbacks,” he concluded.

Despite the fact that, on this occasion, the legendary 49ers be ignored tom bradywhen he wins his seventh Vince Lombardi Trophy in 2021 Mountain call it the best ever national football league.

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