Johanna Fadul defends her retouching criticism

beautiful actress Johanna Fadul She is one of the best looking women in the coffee country and as a result, a large portion of internet users are constantly complimenting her on how good she looks and has served as an inspiration for many to train and look fit.

However, the lady doesn’t seem to be 100% happy with her appearance, so she decided to undergo a cosmetic touch-up to remove excess fat from her body, thus leaving a mark on her belly to make it look toned like she was in the gym It’s like training thousands of abs.

Johana Fadul Criticized for Aesthetic Grooming

After confirming her intervention, the woman was criticized on social networks, especially on her Instagram account, where she was questioned about her vanity and convinced that she appeared to have a personal self-esteem issue as she has the best football in the country. body one.

“She should get psychotherapy, not because she’s against surgery, but because I think she’s mentally so bad it makes her look so bad that she doesn’t need surgery, I don’t know what else she wants to flag if it’s been Mark, seriously, there is something beyond a mirror or a job because it fits so well with what it has,” commented one loyal follower.

Johana Fadul defends her intervention against wave of criticism

Facing criticism, the content creator also recalled that she was about to turn 40 and that while many times she had managed to have the physique of her dreams, with a flat stomach and beautiful markings, age had passed and her The age is also getting older. The body was “going astray” as she gained a few kilos, cellulite and other changes she wasn’t sure about.

He concluded by saying that he didn’t understand why interventions were so demonized, because ultimately interventions boosted people’s self-esteem, provided personal security and, of course, as far as he was concerned, the interventions were led by professionals. who gave him confidence.

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