John Legend burst into tears after powerful performance of Whitney Houston’s “I Look To You” on The Voice

Hon Voice Last week, one contestant’s impressive performance brought the audience to tears. With his heartbreaking surrender Whitney Houstonsong “I Look to You”, 20-year-old hopeful Dylan Carter there were all four coaches— , Gwen Stefani, And — I reach for the buttons.

As soon as Carter finished his cover of Blind Audition, he revealed something truly heartbreaking. The reason he chose this particular play was because it was his late mother’s favorite piece. In an instant, the entire atmosphere in the room changed. It brought tears to the audience and everyone in the room, including none other than 44-year-old Legend.

John Legend cries after Voice Contestant Dylan Carter’s emotional blind audition in a touching moment

“It feels like the emotion of the song is really real to you,” Legend said. “When I saw you turn around, I saw my mom,” Carter responded. He explained: “(My mom) died back in October and she wanted me to sing (the song) at her funeral, so I did it… I tried it. But I couldn’t get through it. So this was the best second chance. I just made her so proud. Wow.”

Legend tearfully agreed and told Carter, “Oh my God. Well, now I’m crying, like this.” He added: “It’s very touching. We are all very grateful that we were able to play this show and meet people like you and give you the opportunity to perform this song in honor of your mother, and we all felt that too.” Legend continued, “I know your mother is proud of you, okay?”

Stephanie, 54, also said the performance made her cry, and McIntyre, 68, also broke down in tears. Horan, 30, also praised Carter and said he was “special.” McIntyre was effusive in her praise for Carter, regaling him with a touching anecdote about the poignant bond between her and her beloved mother.

The country superstar took a moment to shower the young musician with praise and share a touching story about the profound influence her own mother had on her career. As McEntire spoke, her voice shook slightly with emotion as she revealed that her mother played a key role in her decision to pursue music as a profession.

McIntyre explained that she wanted to make her mother’s dreams come true and give her the opportunity to live off her daughter’s success.

Although McIntyre didn’t mention it on the show, the truth was that her beloved mother Jacqueline passed away in 2020. Carter told McEntire that a music career was his mother’s dream “before it was (his).” It was no surprise that Carter joined Reba’s team and chose her as his coach, but he thanked all the coaches for their support and kind words.

Like many Voice fans on social media, we definitely think Carter is one to watch this season due to his powerful vocals and impressive tone!

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