John Legend says he sees himself as a father as his family grows: ‘I’m definitely my father’s son’

John Legend’s family is seeing “a lot more joy and love” as his family grows. He and his wife Chrissy Teigen welcomed their fourth childRen, in June with the help of a surrogate mother.

Legend has it that he sees his father in himself as his family expands.

“I’m like my dad’s cousin, too, and I have a lot of his mannerisms, and I find myself saying things that he would say,” Legend told CBS News. “I am definitely my father’s son.”

Legend and Teigen have faced challenges raising their family. Teigen said they had an abortion last year in 2020 to “save my life for a child who had absolutely no chance” after initially describing the loss of their son Jack as miscarriage.

They then decided to use surrogacy and tried to get pregnant at the same time, resulting in two children born five months apart.

“We basically tried to go two ways and see if one of them would work,” Legend said. Their surrogate mother, according to Legend, became “part of the family.”

Legend has it that the couple found healing by sharing their struggles.

“This is more common than you think. And us talking about this has opened us up to so many more stories about people who have lived through this,” Legend said.

Legend and Teigen recently celebrated a major milestone: ten years of marriage. They celebrated their wedding in Italy. Instead of renewing their vows, they exchanged heartfelt, intimate words.

“Years of shared experiences, you go through all the ups and downs together, all the tragedies, all the triumphs, all the joys… it makes the anniversary, I think, even more beautiful and meaningful than the wedding itself,” Legend said.

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