John Wick, CEO Lionsgate wants Keanu back: “We’re not ready…”

Lionsgate CEO has been clear and wants Keanu Reeves back. Find out more about the plans for the future of the John Wick saga!

The success of John Wick 4 is now globally confirmed. Today, in fact, the official collections of the fourth chapter of the saga with Keanu Reeves were announced, and they are nothing short of stratospheric. In its opening weekend, the film grossed $137 million worldwide, making it the highest opening-grossing Wick film. The entire creative team was enthusiastic, above all Joe Drake, president of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, who gave important announcements on the future of the saga.

ATTENTION: Possible movie spoilers from now on

Joe Drake gave great news to all the fans, confirming his willingness and that of the producers, to find a solution and continue making films about Wick. We are not ready to say goodbye to Keanu and this franchise. We’ll see what alternatives there are.” Drake revealed to Deadline. “I have seen this film five times in the last week and I have managed to see the audience truly moved”.

John Wick and the spin-off with Ana de Armas

Ana de Armas will be in the John Wick spin-off

Ana de Armas will be in the John Wick spin-off

A plan for the future it already exists and appears to be concrete. As also recently confirmed by Reeves, there will be a spin-off on Jonh Wick, titled The Ballerinawhich will star, together with the actor of The Matrix, Oscar nominee Ana de Armas. Although the director of John Wick 4 has denied a possible return of the films, after these statements some hope remains. Only the future will confirm what the plans are for this franchise which, it seems, still captures so much audience today.

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