Johnny Depp character to discover your flaw: choose one and it will reveal a lot about your personality

Johnny Depp gave his face to unforgettable characters: choose one and find out your hidden flaw, what he says about you

Hollywood icon Johnny Depp is a true global star. An actor of great talent who played his face with characters that have gone down in history. An artist capable of dealing with any genre, from drama to comedy, who managed with his charisma and ability to give three-dimensionality and depth to his characters.

The list of films in which he starred and which are considered masterpieces is really very long. We’ve selected three of our favorites and icons to bring you a quiz that will reveal a lot about your personality. What you need to do is choose a character that you like from the proposed ones, and in this way find out what flaw you are hiding.

Choose a Johnny Depp character and find out your flaw

These are three characters that have marked generations and are well known to young and old alike. From “Edward” of the iconic “Edward Scissorhands” running through Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean” to “Willy Wonka”, whose protagonist Depp played in the acclaimed reboot. Which of these seems closest to you? Take the test and find out your hidden flaw!

A flaw to be found: which Johnny Depp character do you look like? (photo loop) –

If you prefer sweet and sensual Edward, your big flaw is that you can’t express what you feel. You are often afraid to show yourself to others for who you really are, for fear that you may be judged or misunderstood. This can lead to you withdrawing into yourself and isolating yourself: gaining your trust is difficult.

If you preferred irreverent and pleasant Jack Sparrow, you are a bit of a fickle person, always go beyond. Your disadvantage is that you never let yourself be known and revealed to the end, you prefer that others know little about you. It is often difficult for people to understand when you are serious and when you are hiding behind sarcasm and irony.

Finally, if you prefer Willy Wonka, you are a very introverted person who struggles to say what he thinks. It’s not because you don’t have clear ideas, but because it’s hard for you to make your voice heard. You prefer others to flaunt themselves, even when it comes to attributing some hard-earned success.

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