Johnny Depp has been considered for a new film

The actor, it seems, might be returning to the franchise.

Pirates of the Caribbean One of the most profitable franchises in disney However, in recent years, we’ve heard less and less about this pirate franchise. It all started in 2003, when it was launched on the big screen curse of the first moon (hereinafter referred to as Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl), an incredible bet by the company that bet on an apparently random concept or their outlaw-themed charm, then built a story that, over time, has won the hearts of fans. It all lasted a long time, with the second and third chapters released in 2006 and 2007 respectively, which completely won over the public and critics.

Pirates of the Caribbean debuted on the big screen in 2003

Pirates of the Caribbean - Cinematograph

while the fourth and fifth chapters Pirates of the Caribbean has certainly shown a sharp decline, and recently there has been an even worse thrust, namely the dismissal of Johnny Depp, After learning about the lawsuit against Disney Amber Heard, with the accused before being “A Wife Beater”. After the actor’s acquittal, the American company apparently got closer to the star, even though the latter seems unwilling to return because of the company’s attitude towards him. That said, lately, things have been changing a bit.

If already well known manufacturer Pirates of the Caribbean, jerry bruckheimer Already talked about in recent months of the possible return of Johnny Depp within the saga, here is also the president to open the doors for the great artist walt disney pictures i.e Sean Bailey who speculated in a recent interview for The New York Times that they are already working on an entirely new story for Chapter Six, adding that Depp might now be available.

“We think we have a really beautiful and exciting story that respects the films that have come before it and also has something new. Johnny Depp is non-committal at this point.”

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