Johnny Depp is always in step with the “Hollywood Vampires”: even his guardian does not stop him

Johnny Depp is wild, even with a double, puts on a show with the “Hollywood Vampires”
An ankle injury doesn’t stop Johnny Depp, he forgets his corset and goes crazy – (photo source Instagram @hollywoodvampires)

Nothing can extinguish the fire of rock and roll that burns within him, not even the corset he is forced to wear after breaking his ankle.

Some time ago he announced this on his social media profiles: he has a serious leg injury. Johnny Depp forced him to stop for several weeks. His band dates Hollywood Vampires in fact they were moved a little further: “I’m sorry to tell you this. I broke my ankle“- this is how he addressed his followers, apologizing for the inconvenience.

A supergroup consisting of an actor, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry AND Tommy Henriksen but he soon returned to performing, with a live performance a month ago that set the stage on fire. Marostika Summer Festival. Fans saw Depp take the stage and rock and roll to the frantic beat of rock ‘n’ roll, despite his handsome figure. There Almost seven thousand people came to watch him and his comrades play.which, of course, did not disappoint expectations.

Johnny Depp on stage in a corset, video went viral

Clip of a fan filming him during he goes crazy during the concert by Hollywood Vampires went viral, mainly because Johnny Depp wears a large corset on his leg. Yes, because at the beginning of the summer the actor suffered an ankle injury, due to which he had to miss several performances with the group, including NYone of Boston and the one in New Hampshire.

Ankle injury doesn't stop Johnny Depp, even with a corset he goes crazy
Johnny Depp in one of his last performances with Hollywood Vampires – (photo source Instagram @hollywoodvampires)

However, despite the suboptimal conditions, he did not want to cause too much disturbance to the public. casually moving through the stages of a European tour. Among them is also the Italian al. Marostika Summer Festival July 2 last year. There, 6,500 people gathered in Piazza Castello were able to enjoy unprecedented spectacle.

Included original works of the group interspersed with covers of the best hits history of rock Heroes David Bowie Go this way from Aerosmith and Baba O’Riley from The Who.

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To end on a high note, many colorful balloons were released from the stage towards the audience; an unforgettable evening for the Venetian city and to all the fans who thanked us for the emotions with a storm of applause.

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