Johnny Depp is selling his self-portrait at auction. video

Has a name “Five” work signed Johnny Depp and put up for sale only 13 days from Fine Art Castle. The online auction will end at midnight August 1 and the number of editions produced will be limited by demand.

The work of “Five” Johnny Depp

Each work signed by Johnny Depp is custom-made, uniquely numbered and hand-stamped with a personal stamp of authenticity. Johnny the Rabbit. The work occupies a frame taken from the frame for the spot. “Savage” From Diordirector Jean-Baptiste Mondino, chosen by Depp in honor of the brand and the loyalty he has always shown. Product related to 2021intends to capture a difficult time for the actor, who faces a difficult emotional breakdown for the fifth year. For this reason, the counting symbol “five” stands out next to Depp’s self-portrait, hence the name of the work. “If a work rumbles even with one person, this art has a purpose”says Johnny Depp, adding: “A self-portrait serves as a mirror and window into our mental health and the health of those around us. In turn, for each piece of art sold, $200 will go directly to Mental Health America.

Johnny Depp artist

Famous actor and musician with his own mega band Hollywood vampires, Johnny Depp has always had a great passion for figurative art. His first limited edition art collection Friends and Heroesa collection of portraits of people he knew well and who inspired him to Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, Elizabeth Taylor AND Al Pacino. At the beginning of 2023, he presented the second collection, Friends and Heroes 2this time with portraits Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, Bob Marley AND Hunter S. Thompson. All of them were depicted, starting with photo references, which Depp then painted by hand.

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