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Johnny Depp, new life in the countryside: «Here I can be myself» (On Saturday 25 March 2023) The actor moved to Somerset, which he finds similar to his shyness, thanks to the discretion of the English, affectionate but never intrusive. Here he found serenity after his divorce from Amber Heard and the legal proceedings with her ex. He doesn’t think at all about returning to HollywoodRead on vanityfair

twitter Go to the latest Twett on the subject… JohnnyD984723 : RT @ReemDepp : Johnny Depp (??Lorenzo Agius) – JohnnyD984723 : RT @ReemDepp: Johnny Depp arrives in Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy on March 19, 2010 (?? Barbara Zanon) – JohnnyD984723 : RT @ReemDepp: Johnny Depp – The Tourist Film location at the Piazzale della Stazione in Venice, Italy on March 17, 2010 (?? Venturelli). htt… – JohnnyD984723 :RT @ReemDepp: Johnny Depp (?? Arnaldo Magnani). – karvea : @SalvOasi in addition to the cover actors, Forest Whitaker, Johnny Depp and Corey were present among others… –

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In the cinema she was played by Gene Wilder in 1971 and since Johnny Depp , directed by Tim Burton , in 2005. Warner Bros. is working on a third adaptation, a prequel musical titled Wonka . TO …

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Johnny Depp, new life in the countryside: «Here I can be myself» Vanity Fair Italy

Johnny Depp, new life in the countryside: «Here I can be myself»

New life for Johnny Depp. After the stormy divorce from Amber Heard, the trials, and the story that soon came to an end with his lawyer, Joelle Rich, the actor has decided to say goodbye to …

Johnny Depp is living a quiet life in England

It has been several months since Johnny Depp has abandoned the sumptuous and noisy life of Hollywood, to retire to England, precisely in the local county of Somerset. Talking to the newspaper…

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