Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard, court war turns into a series. Director 200 hours of footage (and TikTok video)

Last year Hot Take – Trial of Depp/Heard, a snapshot of a high-profile lawsuit in which two actors clashed, went almost unnoticed. It was a reconstruction Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were played by little-known Mark Hapka and Megan Davis. But now, viewers around the world are preparing popcorn: they risk setting a Depp vs. Hurd viewing record, the documentary series is available from August 16 to Netflix and focuses on a legal showdown in which, amid gruesome cross-accusations, ups and downs, tears, and great testimony (Vanessa Paradis and Courtney Love for him, Elon Musk and James Franco for her), the famous ex-spouses faced each other in court. He accused her of domestic violence and all sorts of perversions, she condemned him for slander. And in the background is a nightmarish marriage that lasted only 15 months, marked by hangovers, swollen faces, severed fingers in blood, excesses. The docu-series, on the other hand, will have no “stunt doubles”: the real Johnny and Amber will appear at key moments in the trial, which generated unprecedented media attention right up to the verdict: the libel case was won by Depp on June 1, 2022. from the actor, who, after an agreement agreed with Amber, demanded to pay him compensation in the amount of $ 10 million, was satisfied with just one and donated it to charity.

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Depp vs Hearddivided into three parts, will focus not only on the legal battle between the two stars: director Emma Cooper, already investigating the mysteries Marilyn Monroealso brought social media to the fore, leading to mass mobilization. In short, the Netflix docuseries not only chronicle the lawsuit (TikTok’s first famous live stream), but also the way it is perceived by people who alternate between taking his side and her side, always with an ultra-decisive tone. The media ring, with its controversial and almost always brutal verdicts, has never been such a protagonist of a story that captivated public opinion.


The director had 200 hours of footage available between court hearings and social content from tik tak, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. “By showing both stories side by side for the first time, the series explores this global media event,” he explained, “questioning the nature of truth and its place in modern society.” The relationship of Johnny and Amber, who met in 2009 on the set of the film Rum Diary To then get married in 2015, it lasted until 2016. After 15 months of marriage, the actress accused her husband of domestic violence and filed for divorce. Meanwhile, in the wake of the #MeToo justice movement, Disney dropped Johnny from the highly successful Pirates of the Caribbean saga, in which the actor had the iconic role of Jack Sparrow. The dismissal also followed the blockbuster Fantastic Beasts, zero offers from other productions: Johnny was ostracized by Hollywood. He was rescued by the French director Mayvenn, who offered him the film “Jeanne du Barry – the King’s Favorite”, which opened the Cannes Film Festival in May last year.


From a prison-worthy monster to a cinematic resource to be rehabilitated, Depp is back in the circle and is now preparing to direct Modi, the Modigliani blockbuster starring Riccardo Scamarchio and Al Pacino. And Amber? After bringing On Fire to the Taormina Film Festival two months ago, he is looking forward to the release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. She moved to Madrid with her daughter Una Paige Hurd, born two years ago via surrogacy (father unknown). Ready to start from scratch after the referee’s defeat.

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