Johnny Depp’s 60 Years in 10 Iconic Roles

Sixty years, 40 years of career and almost 100 films, Johnny Depp French celebrates halfway as king of box office; His jean du barryafter the preview in Cannes, is On the top of the ridges on the other side of the Alps, birthday in sign of eternity’s retribution Jack SparrowAffirmed as a testimonial of fragrance Sauvage by christian dior with record contract more than 20 million dollars: the highest ever for a masculine perfume. Besides this, he will soon start shooting for his second film as a director, a biopic on Modigliani. The dark times of the judicial battle against ex-wife Amber Heard seem like a distant memory now.

Hollywood’s idol (the one who boycotted it) will fly 60 candles dipped Somerset English countrysideAfter breaking his ankle which forced him to cancel the tour Hollywood Vampires, Eclectic and controversial, he has risen to the top of the sexiest rankings on the planet for decades. He came close to the Oscars three timesagain for Best Leading Actor, for curse of the first moon (2004), Neverland – A Dream for Life (2005) and for Sweeney Todd – The Wicked Barber of Fleet Street (2008) which earned him golden globes,

John Christopher Depp II was born in owensboroa small industrial center of Kentucky, In the 80s, he was a penniless young guitarist who played in a punk band Children, To make ends meet, he chose to act Debut at the age of 21 in the role of glenn lantz In nightmare – from the depths of the night: The first chapter of the successful horror saga with Freddy Krueger. Subsequently, he replaced Jeff Yagher in the detective series 21 Jump Street In which it becomes very popular (especially among girls). The turning point of his extraordinary career occurs with the meeting Pygmalion Tim Burton that will generate 8 moviesstarting with the classic Edward Scissorhands, We’re celebrating 60 years of the cinema icon with 10 unforgettable roles.

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Tom Hanson Inn 21 Jump Street (1987–1991)

Young officer who deals with juvenile delinquency in the cult crime series. He replaces Jeff Yeagher and becomes very popular (especially among girls) so much so that at the time, the rookie actor was receiving 4,000 letters a week from fans.

Edward Scissorhands (1990)

The turning point in his extraordinary career comes with an encounter with Pygmalion Tim Burton, who would go on to produce 8 films, beginning with the gothic fairy tale with Winona Ryder, with whom he would duet from 1989 to 1993. To her, the sex symbol actor dedicated a “Winona Forever” tattoo on his right bicep, which changed to “Vino Forever” (“Drunken forever”) after the breakup. He was forced to lose 11 kg in order to slip into a suit in the straps and studs of a “dummy boy”.

in Gilbert Grape happy birthday mr grape (1993)

As for Lasse Hallström, he plays Leonardo DiCaprio’s older brother, a very young man with autism. Johnny and Leo weren’t exactly best friends; On set, in fact, Depp was annoyed with his colleague, who constantly bothered him by talking about video games.

ed wood (1994)

Based on the biopic of Tim Burton, “the worst director in the history of Hollywood”. To step into the role of king of B-movies, actor imagines himself halfway between Ronald Reagan and The Tin Man the Wizard of Oz (1939).

donnie brasco (1997)

The true story of FBI agent Joe Pistone who infiltrates the New York mafia, gaining the trust of a boss, with the fictitious name that gives the film its title. It was Al Pacino who wanted Depp to star in Mike Newell’s feature film.

Raul Duke Inn fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (nineteen ninety eight)

Former Monty Python Terry Gilliam takes us through the hallucinogenic adventures of Gonzo and Duke (Benicio del Toro) from Rolling Stone’s cult reportage. Johnny Depp embodies Hunter S. Thompson, the feisty father of so-called gonzo journalism. It was Gojo/Thompson himself who shaved the actor’s scalp. They were in the writer’s kitchen and Depp refused to look in the mirror.

jack sparrow saga of pirates of the caribbean (2003–2017)

The geeky Captain Jack Sparrow is iconic: fans of Johnny Depp and the franchise it spawned are well aware of it curse of the first moon by Gore Verbinski, who first brought the star to the Oscars. To bring to life the sexiest pirate on the planet, the actor was inspired by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. On the overseas set, Depp wore contact lenses that doubled as sunglasses, so he never looked at the camera.

in James Matthews Barrie neverland (2004)

For director Marc Forster, Depp plays great “father” role Peter Pan looking for inspiration. On set, the actor was so impressed with the performance of little Freddie Highmore that he cast him in the remake The Chocolate Factory (2005).

Sweeney Todd (2007)

The Evil Barber of Fleet Street marks the sixth collaboration with mentor Tim Burton. The adaptation of the musical of the same name by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler earned him a Golden Globe for Best Actor. On set, Depp was having difficulty handling the razor and begged the design department to make him a mechanical one that opened with a button.

Tarrant Hightop Inn Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Dance to “Illusion” in the Mad Hatter’s patch top hat. On set, the actor injured himself performing a frantic dance inspired by Lewis Carroll’s novel. To improve his character’s Glaswegian accent, Depp watched Scottish sitcoms rube c nesbitt (1988).

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