Jorge Lanata hospitalized again with pneumonia

Ranata, 63, Was hospitalized due to urinary tract infection on August 23. The reporter was Kidney transplant in 2015 from that moment on That organ of his was infected.

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Now, Lanata’s painting is Have had other hospitalizations and are frail recent.his last Discharged from hospital on September 18 At the time, the host of “Periodismo para Todos” assured: The last one “is the worst.”

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Journalist Jorge hospitalized for nearly a month with urinary tract infection

Journalist Jorge hospitalized for nearly a month with urinary tract infection

“It’s complicated, but everything is Maybe suddenly nothing happened to you, and suddenly it happened to you, This is completely accidental.I went through three stages The last one is more complicated This is called septic shock (systemic infection).The way I feel now is how I used to Going out for about four or five months Not that I actually stayed there for a month; When you see it, it seems more,” he said when he went back to work after his final hospitalization.

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“used to be Worse than a transplant, this is another type of quilombo. What will happen is what must happen. You are ready. There is no plan here. At one point I was scared because I was traveling back and forth to therapy multiple times. I get scared when I think, ‘How can this continue?’” he asked himself.

Ranata had been hospitalized with a urinary tract infection and returned home after 19 days so she could celebrate her birthday on September 12 at home. However, He developed a fever and had to be hospitalized again. In the intensive care unit. at last, He was discharged from the hospital a few days later.

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