José Luis Soro: “The political process starts slowly. The government takes a lot of time to get things done” | News

José Luis Soro, CHA spokesman in the Aragonese Congress, accused the Aragonese government of inaction in the first months of the new administration: “The political process has started to slow down. It takes a lot of time for the government to get things done”. Soro stated this in an interview with the Buenos Diaz program on Aragon TV on Wednesday.

After eight years in government, Soro recognized “it was time to return to opposition” and Vox’s goal is to “taint” policy with as little “obsession and extremism” as possible. To this end, he cited as examples issues such as the repeal of the Democratic Memory Act, reform of the LGBTBI Act or “absolute support” for private schools and “undermining public schools” on health care.

Solo also expressed his “concern and curiosity” about the matter Aragon recently approved spending cap. It is the largest in history, a virtue he stressed “has a lot to do with the reconciliation in 2022.” Likewise, he has been critical of eliminating the estate tax and reducing wealth taxes. “They said they were going to lower personal income tax and make it tighter. On the tax issue, that’s not surprising. It’s finally becoming clear that if you lower taxes, less tax will be collected“, he emphasized.

On housing, a spokesman for the Housing Authority, which he held power when he was a member of the last Legislature, admitted that “everything can be improved” and he believed that the “current priority” should be “increasing the public stock across Hong Kong”. “I know very little about it,” he noted. Regarding roads, Soro wished “good luck” to current Transportation Secretary Octavio López: “When I was a councillor, the budget priority was routine maintenance of roads. But it doesn’t look like protection, it looks like opening,” he added.

On Roma Radar: “This is Azcon’s huge political failure as mayor”

Solo analyzes one of Aragon’s current problems, the new project Roman radar, which he described as “Azcon’s colossal political failure as mayor”. “As a Zaragoza fan I want a new stadium but I’m afraid it will be abandoned. From CHA we don’t put spokes on the wheels, but they also cannot demand an act of faith from us. We lack information,” he said.

Finally, Soro mentioned the agreement between the Socialist Workers Party and Soumare to form a coalition government, of which the CHA is part. “We are closer to an agreement on a progressive government. The goal is to avoid elections and ensure that there is no right-wing and far-right government in Spain,” he concluded.

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