Joshua Jackson would like to return to the “Scream” saga

Within the films of the saga of Scream numerous stars have acted, from Neve Campbell to Sarah Michelle Gellarpassing through Drew Barrymore and Emma Robertsup to Hayden Panettiere And Jenna Ortega. In Scream 2 a young man also appeared Joshua Jacksondo you remember?

At the time, it was 1997, Joshua Jackson was an up-and-coming actor and hadn’t landed the part of yet Pacey Witter in the teenage series Dawson’s Creek which would later transform him into a face known and loved all over the world.

In Scream 2 the now 44-year-old actor had only a small part, that of a film student, but would gladly return to star in the future in the popular horror saga now in its sixth chapter, released in theaters in recent weeks.

Regarding the saga of scream, in a new interview with the Brazilian site CinePOP Joshua Jackson said: “Nobody called me for the sixth, but I would like to go back to the seventh, because I find it really impressive what they are doing to be self-referential and fresh at the same time. So yeah, I’d be really happy to go back to basics and star in Scream 7”.

At the moment the seventh chapter has not yet been announced, but considering the success it is getting Scream VI the saga looks set to continue.

Waiting to find out if his wish will be fulfilled, soon meanwhile we will see Joshua Jackson return to the small screen. The actor is in fact the protagonist, together with Lizzy Caplanof the new promising series Fatal Attractionstreaming soon on Paramount+ from May 1st.

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