Journalist Guillermo Barrios’ emotional story after recovering from three heart attacks and pneumonia: ‘I’m dead’

Andrea Rincón expresses outrage at making ‘Intruder’

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Influencer Luciana Milessi on abuse she suffers from: ‘You have to love yourself for who you are’

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Downloads of the Tiktoker Sofi “La reini” Gonet that went viral in the last few hours

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Lawarkey broke down when it came to talking about her mental health.

Daniela Celis and Thiago Medina’s incredible reaction when Georgina Barbarossa asks a pointed question

Marina Calabró denounces violations by Marcelo Tinelli’s production company

Mariana Neniz launches strong attack on Claudio Caniggia after confirming Fernando Burlando is no longer his lawyer

He broke that record with guitar on Got Talent but was ruled out for special reasons

Nicole Neumann provides details of her marriage

Daniela Celis challenges Thiago Medina after announcing she’s expecting twins

Suzanne Rocasalvo’s stern message to Julie Poggio’s mother

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