Juan Roman Riquelme reveals Lionel Messi’s whispers about ‘Candy Box’: What Boca fans would say

behind Hard Boka Removal Argentina Cup against Estudiantes, which complicates their chances of reaching the next Copa Libertadores, Juan Roman Riquelme He gave an extensive interview and talked about everything.The tone of the club’s vice-president and presidential candidate is both strong and sarcastic mark this field.

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“The Candy Box is the Candy Box, it’s the best. It’s the most beautiful stadium in the world, Where the best players on the planet want to play“, Boca Idol begins.

Then, while introducing the Xeneize Stadium, he told a Lionel Messi tells his secrets The match between the Argentina national team and Uruguay was held there.

Lionel Messi on Bombonera

“When I put my arm around him and walked in, I told him ‘This field is nice, isn’t it?’ and he told me ‘Every day she becomes more beautiful‘.It’s great for me,” Roman revealed in an interview Taichang Sports.

TYC-Roman Messi

“The other day the Under-20s played in the continental final. The UEFA bosses congratulated us and They told us the venue was Europe (level)“, fully.

Opposition proposal to build new stadium

“The first thing we have to do is Never lie to your fans.These gentlemen have spent 25 years at the club They did not dig wells to prevent the fields from being flooded..If people are willing to believe him now, they will build a new field…if you stay there for 25 years and You didn’t do anything to your house.. That’s why I’m telling you, the fans had it easy (in the election). “Riquelme said.

‘This is the easiest election in history’: Riquelme beats Macri at Boca

The club’s current vice-president and candidate for president mentioned the elections on Saturday, December 2, in which he will join Jorge Amor Amer with Andres Ibarra and Mauricio Macri. List competition.

“We will win the election. This is the easiest option ever“It is a football club or it is used for political activities,” Roman, who is from Córdoba, said in an interview. Thai Western Sports.

‘This is the easiest election in history’: Riquelme beats Macri in Boca (Photo: Telam/TN)

“In two and a half years we were the team that won the most titles, we played in all the finals and we were the team that made the most debuts. We took over the club with debt“We have put aside a balance of 30 million and we have brought in stars like Cavani, Benedetto, Rojo…” he added.

He concluded: “It’s good for them to value and talk about all the good things that have been done. Boca has grown a lot during this time“.

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