Juárez residents invited to prevent colds and allergies: Municipal Health – El Heraldo de Juárez

Citizens are urged to take appropriate precautions Avoid colds and allergies in autumnas these conditions are common during the season.

Daphne Santana Fernández, Director of the Municipal Health Department He commented that an increase in respiratory illnesses is common during this season.

“It is very important to take appropriate measures in terms of health care and seek prompt medical attention and avoid self-medication,” he stressed.

Major diseases of the season They are colds and allergies, two respiratory illnesses that primarily affect children and the elderly, he said.

Colds are caused by viruses and their common symptoms are Nasal congestion, cough, sore throat, mild fever, fatigue.

he added The condition can last three to seven daysin addition to being quite contagious.

Allergies are caused by the body’s reaction to The immune system’s resistance to allergens such as pollen, mites, or animal hair.

Common symptoms may occur, such as Sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose, stuffy nose.

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In this case, symptoms may persist as long as the person is exposed to the allergen, but they are not contagious, he said.

It is important to consult a health professional if you have persistent or severe cold or allergy symptoms.

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