Jude Bellingham fights for Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘dream’ at Real Madrid

dDuring the tour real Madrid go through USAEvery training session and game under Ancelotti’s men is buzzing with activity when Waiters is around. The departure of the Benzema-Asensio goal-scoring duo Orphan the white attack and No top striker signed (or those who don’t think Joselu is one of them) gave their verdict before the season even started. Real Madrid didn’t score…so winning the title will be very difficult. After 11 games (9 in La Liga and 2 in the Champions League) the Whites have reached a double lead worth studying.

Score explosion Jude Bellingham and Joselu’s goal, The players Madrid lost because they didn’t have players like him, allowing Ancelotti’s team to dominate the scoring charts in Spanish football. The top scorer is the Englishman, who has scored 7 goals; the second place is the Spaniard, tied with Morata and Jiubo.White during Osasuna’s visit Bernabeu The Vinicius signing provided a goal and an assist. A footballer crucial to the ambitions of the White Team… He left Ancelotti with a mission to bring back Rodrygo, the man who completes the new Real Madrid trident.

Is there any other Niner in the world as efficient as Jude?

Jude scored 10 goals for Real Madrid…only 19 shots on goal. It’s hard to explain English’s effectiveness every time he approaches the opponent’s zone. His composure in the final meters helped, but it wasn’t the only thing worth it. His confidence is so high that he continues to score goals even when the opposition goalkeeper has to defend the futsal goal.. Because Jude will find space to put the ball in the back of the net. And the England midfielder, who has regained his No. 10 position in the Whites, has statistics that place him among the top scorers in the world. He scores more than one goal per game…he scores one goal for every two shots on goal. It’s hard to find numbers like that in today’s football.

In fact, Real Madrid He always has great scorers on his teamfeeling with Jude Bellingham They can fight any team across Europe, just like they attack the enemy fleet based on the invoices signed by Raul, Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema.The start of Game 5 seemed unstoppable Insisting on “stealing Cristiano Ronaldo’s dream”, he remains in the hearts of white fans when a lack of goals destroys the team. He works, assists, scores, walks countless kilometers and has a unique charisma. From celebration to celebration…I shoot because I have to (not too many shots because Jude doesn’t need them).

“Dad, like Bellingham”

In his first season at La Castellana, Jude Bellingham Successfully made Real Madrid fans fall in love with The facilities are not suitable for a footballer who is only 20 years old.His extraordinary performances since arriving at Real Madrid can only be matched by cristiano ronaldothey turned him into a unrecognizable football player,A Multi-purpose equipment to provide breathing and leg support for Ancelotti in midfield…and a version of a zone assassin, allowing him to lead the offensive portion of the team.orA man who can do anything and has become Madrid’s guide. Now, he wants to look the Portuguese in the eyes and “steal” the awards that have been in the hands of 7 people for many years: The world’s most iconic celebrations.

From Cristiano Ronaldo’s “yesssss” to Jude Bellingham’s outstretched cruciform arms. The England midfielder has patented a celebration that can be carried out wherever Real Madrid’s number five passes. “Dad, like Bellingham”“A young white fan said to his father as he took a photo with the silhouette of the Bernabeu Stadium in the background. And in the surrounding area, if you look up a little, Every square meter can see Jude in almost the same pose as the normal pose taken by fans.. “I started doing this when birmingham From there I continued to do it but for no reason. I am proud that children imitate me“Said the best ambassador of the British city. Everyone wants to be Jude and his celebrations are becoming one of the best executed in the world of football.”

Ancelotti is known as “Mr. Invention”

They say that on the football field, Improvisation does not make a good consultant…unless someone talks about it Carlo Ancelotti.italian coach It’s able to take three ingredients and use them to create a menu worthy of Michelin stars. Thanks for his wisdom.Because experience is always a degree, if we add another Unique intelligence to tap into player qualitiesthe final result is frowning, to the point that no one expected.

The Italian coach has once again offered his services to Real Madrid but there are serious problems at the back, Ancelotti gets a ‘new’ footballer after 192 career games. Chameni excelled on his debut alongside Rudiger thanks to some of the qualities the coach highlighted in the preview. “He has defensive skills, he is very good in confrontations… Things he is good at in defense as a centre-back, he can also do as a centre-back”. no sooner said than done. On the 18th he won the aerial battle and even though he faced Budimir (a tough nut to crack) he enjoyed passing the ball out… Even in the 33rd minute, when Rubén García wanted to filter out a dangerous death pass, he saved the team with a stroke of genius. also, Camavinga’s formula as the only fulcrum is very effective The remaining chess pieces continue to move in the same direction.

Schools should teach 4-0

Real Madrid had a great afternoon of football at the Santiago Bernabeu. 4.15pm on a Saturday is always a great time, especially when the temperatures are nice, as white fans flock to the stadium to sign their best tickets of the season: 70,900 viewers.at white party There were three special guests who wanted to give away something that should be taught in schools.. Maximum beauty…and exploitation of all resources.

The play was initiated by Chumeni who looked up and passed the perfect ball to Vinicius. The Brazilian broke free after the goal, knocked down the ball brilliantly and endured unspeakable pain before setting up Joselu. That’s what Madrid fans ask of the seven, to be selfish when he has to be selfish… to be social with his teammates when his body demands it of him. The Spanish forward took advantage of this gift and scored with a cross to make the score 4-0. Sergio Herrera.

Leadership…but there are more rocks on the defense’s roof

Antonio Rudiger is in trouble at Real Madrid’s worst possible moment. The German centre-back received his fourth yellow card for an unnecessary foul on Toro when trying to steal the ball after high pressure in the 40th minute. on the horizon, The Whites have two very important league exits: Pizjuan and Montjuïc. So if Rudiger picks up a yellow card against Sevilla, he’ll miss El Clasico… and Ancelotti will have to come up with new ideas to visit his eternal rival.

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