Jude Bellingham joins Cristiano Ronaldo and Alfredo Di Stefano

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  • The midfielder scored 13 goals in 13 games

  • Only Cristiano Ronaldo and Di Stefano had reached such figures before him

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Very few players have achieved what he has achieved Jude Bellingham. The Englishman showed in his first Classic that his performance was no coincidence. He seemed absent for much of the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid until, as is typical for a player of his caliber, He ended up scoring two goals in the game which will go down in history.

everything shows Jude will create an era at Real Madrid, just as Cristiano Ronaldo and Alfredo Di Stefano himself did in his own time.. In fact, the England midfielder is the only player to rival these two white legends.Bellingham scores Scored 13 goals in the first 13 games Dressed in elastic puff pastry, Only Cristiano Ronaldo and Di Stefano had achieved this before him throughout the history of Madrid.

Bellingham celebrates one of his goals (Cordon Press)

Jude Bellingham could make history at Real Madrid

It has been repeated many times that he was born to wear this shirt, but with every game he shows more clearly that he will leave a mark for Real Madrid. Even the veteran who won everything on the white team, Luka Modric They were amazed at what Bellingham had accomplished. “It seemed like he had been here for a long time, not just three months.” commented the Croatian and one of the captains of Real Madrid. Big talk.

Another person who continues to surprise players is his coach; Carlo Ancelotti. “We were all surprised! The most important thing is because he shot outside the penalty area today because he usually doesn’t shoot,” the Italian coach commented after the El Clasico victory. “Judging from his attitude, he looks like a veteran. The goal is to win, not draw.I know this goal completely changes the dynamic“.

There have been 13 goals, which would be unthinkable for any player, let alone a midfielder, but Ancelotti expects him to score even more this season. “Can easily reach 20-25 goals, as it has started well. We don’t think of him as a scorer but he has scored a lot of goals so far. Although we also have high expectations for the forwards,” stressed the Italian.

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