Jungkook, BTS release teaser for single “3D” in collaboration with Jack Harlow

Jungkook’s new single from BTS marks the launch of the next sexta festival

On this fourth day, 27, only a teaser of the next video was released. Jungkook, I give BTS. The single entitled “3D” will be recorded together with the American rapper. Jack Harlowand will be released on the next sexta fair, 29. Watch the preview!

It’s worth noting that the event was announced during the Global Citizen Festival, a music event that took place in New York City, no. Jungkook if a gift. The idol you performed as “Euphoria”, “Seven” (which includes a surprise appearance in Milk) and “Still With You”, presented for the first time.

Let us recall the presentation of “Euphoria”:

After Astro’s performance, a mysterious video was shown – this was the first teaser since the New Year. Within minutes, BIGHIT MUSIC is responsible for managing your music career. Jungkook, officially announced as a declaration or launch of “3D”. Confira!

Jungkook’s second solo single, “3D (feat. Jack Harlow)”, is an R&B pop song with an intelligent expression of feelings towards people, starting from the perspectives of the first, second and third dimensions. Get ready to hear Jungkook’s more detailed version after “Seven (feat. Latto)”

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