Jungkook tells you what he’s talking about

It’s just “3D” featuring K-pop Jungkook, but BTS is still the same. Once you get 100 3x Spotify subscribers, you won’t have to do anything. So Thanh Cong Nai La Minh Chong Rang Cho Moc độ Noi Tiong Toan, where are you wa Sok Mun Thong Mai “Hong” with Jungkook.

In 15 minutes, “3D” will reach 151,697,600 times as soon as Spotify.

“3D” is the only K-pop song that has 100 trios, and that’s what you need. Now I’m just saying that Jungkook sings “Seven”, now I think that’s not true.

Jungkook tells you what he’s talking about

Jungkook reads the story of story 1.

Jungkook just finished his solo album 10 months ago. Ảnh: KHAYB.

So “3D” is the last time you have the last just K-pop, you’re going for the first time 54.083.60 5 lượt phát trực tuyến chỉ trong 7 now. This is the price of “Seven” 112,839,884 times.

Kể từ khi phát hành, “3D” cũng đã đứng đầu bảng xếp hạng “Bài hát hang đầu toàn thế giới hàng ngày” on Spotify, cho thấy su ảnh hưởng mạnh mẽ của ca khúc nay trong khong mạng.

Today, “Seven” features Jungkook with his 900 years of experience on Spotify, and he’s been there for 92 days. . Hello, you didn’t “hit” and didn’t sit 1 time.

“3D” returns to Billboard, after the 5th song hits the “Hot 100”, you can already see 3 seasons 1 tren as bảng xếp hạng “Global 200”, “Global (Khong bao gồm Hoa Kỳ)” and “Doanh số bài hát” it is so.” Sau khi ra mắt, “3d” còn ạt “perfect All-kill” nhanh nhất tại nhiều thị trường âm nhạc lớn, bao gồm mỹ, anh, nhật bản, pháp, canada, úc, h à lan, go ứcc.

At the moment, Jungkook has already recorded a solo album for the first time in 10 years ago. For example, “Standing Next to You” is the first time the “hit” goes away before “Seven” goes into “3D” before going back to the retro funk fong.

Jungkook is here just for K-Pop and will be attending the iHeart Radio Music Awards for the first time. Cho đến thời điểm no, Jungkook la nghệ yes, only Han Quốc đầu tiên được đề cử i VMA, nghệ yes only K-pop có nhiều đề cử nh Here PCA goes there only K-pop already in PCA.

Jungkook saw his first 14 months since being in BTS. Now I have a lot to do and I will have to go back to the beginning by winning number 2.8 (2 three US dollars).

Tren Tep Chi Fashioneg 7th time Song Chung Chong maybe something that is needed will be fong there. At this point, when Jungkook, Jungkook said that he was Xin, Jungkook. Here’s today’s clip, I heard what’s going on, I’ll go see what’s going on here. In 2014, since then I have seen Los Angeles (Mỹ) until now, I have been there for a long time.

As far as I know, Jungkook is returning to the same album as the fifth album. You will be happy once you are there.

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