Just use this ingredient from your kitchen to stretch your shoes

Just use this ingredient from your kitchen to stretch your shoes

This is one of the reasons why they often end up sitting in the closet forever despite being brand new. We’re talking about a very common problem: shoes that are too tight or too stiff. Along with hairdryers and refrigerators, stretchy boots, sneakers, and a variety of footwear are two things we’re sure to have in our kitchens that might actually be great. Let’s take a look at what they are and how to use them correctly to avoid damaging your shoes.

When Not to Use a Hair Dryer and Freezer on Tight Shoes

Many of us use a hair dryer to loosen tight shoes. This is an effective technique. But not always. Dryer heat will only have an impact if the shoes are made of leather or suede. Regardless, you have to be very careful as they run the risk of becoming boring.There are many products for other materials More effective.

The same goes for refrigerators. Our grandmothers taught us to fill a bag with water, put it in a shoe, and put it in the refrigerator for a few hours. We can try this remedy on sneakers or canvas shoes.However, if we use it to cloth More subtly, we risk irreparably destroying them.

Use potatoes to stretch shoes

Less “dangerous” to shoes and easier to put into practice is the potato trick. Take a big potato, remove skin, Let it dry and put it inside your shoe. Let it sit for 10-12 hours and then remove. Shoes must be in the required size. If it’s still tight, repeat the process the next day.

Did we just buy our dream boots or some vintage sneakers online and unfortunately, we found out they were too tight? …Don’t worry. Let’s open up the pantry and get out the wheat grains we use to make cakes, pies, and cookies. biscuit.

Grab a handful and drop it into a glass of water. Immediately after that, we fill the shoes with grain and let the wheat do its work in the shade of the house. Moisture can make the particles larger, which can make your shoes larger. We put the shoes on and unmould them while they were still wet.now we can dry them quietly. This applies to all fabrics except suede.

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