Justin Bieber Fans Predict BLACKPINK’s Hailey and Rosé to Divorce

Los fans de Hailey BieberI am worrying about you possible divorce Justin Bieber, The model will meet here Rosé by BLACPINK. And that’s why many fans of the K-pop group revealed one supreme idol curse, when he poses for a photo with some artist, they separate months later, but various followers claim it’s a coincidence.

He’s currently being pulled up to the rope Paris Fashion Weekwhere, in addition to the trends of the next time, various important personalities from all over the world were represented. Rosé and Hayley were invited to fashion show of an exclusive brand Yves Saint Laurent, where they met, because they did not miss the opportunity to place joints for the mediums they once met.

Rosé and Hailey Bieber pose joints X @baugachen

Are Hailey and Justin Bieber getting divorced?

An integral part of BLACKPINK and the supermodel was seen in some photos with Kate Moss. While the “On the Ground” singer posed in dress pants and a boxy shirt with canvas cascading down the other side, Justin Bieber’s fiancée sizzled adjusted black dress wide sleeves, with which she embraced her silhouette, and ended with reflections on the possible embarrassment that had been gnawing at her for some time, the British woman finally opted for a short and baggy combination with a blouse with a deep neckline.

Despite this, during the fashion show Rosé and Hayley no, if these are alejarons, they can be heard in the same row, only through the actor Austin Butler, who is known as his main character in the film”Elvis“. In this scenario, the celebrities also wondered what photographers would document their life together because of what they had more images of the New Zealand idol towards the model, with whom I apparently have a good relationship.

What is BLACKPINK’s Pink Curse?

Justin Bieber’s fans, like his wife’s fans, are predicting that the story could end at any moment due to the Justin Bieber curse. Roseask some people FLASHINGwhen a BLACKPINK member returns fI’m dating some celebrity who’s getting into a relationship This ends the question of compromise in a few months, although this is a myth, the list is long.

Some coincidences included Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik breaking up; Florence Pugh and Zach Braff, Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker, Taylor Swift, and most recently Rosalia and Rau Alejandro could coexist with the “Motomami” artist when they met at Coachella 2023.


PHOTO: BLACKPINK’s Captain Rosé in a beautiful quote with a BTS member and angry ARMYs.

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