Justin Timberlake ready for a new album: out in the summer

Justin Timberlake’s new album would be ready for launch, but he hasn’t revealed anything about his production yet

The new album by would be ready and finished Justin Timberlake for which there is a lot of anticipation, considering that the artist, who is now 42 years old, hasn’t published anything for five years.

Timberlake for some time now he has chosen to work on his musical career with extremely dilated times, focusing much more on his acting career.

Justin Timberlake, album out

The singer has been working on the record for over three years now with his staff of all-time collaborators. Among which Timbaland, renewing a partnership that has had extraordinary success and sold millions of records. With the manufacturer Timberlake made all his major hits: from Cry Me A River (2002) a FutureSex/LoveSounds (2006) up to The 20/20 Experiencepublished in 2013, e Man of the Woods produced only in part by Timbaland who had edited some songs, including the single Filthy.

The collaboration with Timbaland

Timbaland he confided to Variety that working on the album was extremely fun: “We wanted to recreate the environment of FutureSex/LoveSounds, I wanted to bring back the early career kid. We wanted to have fun. We chose the simplest songs and eliminated those that might seem more complicated. And we worked on these by lightening and streamlining thinking only of creating something that was light and that tasted like a party”.

The album is out but there is no release date yet. Just as for now there is not even the title. It will be his sixth studio album. In the meantime Timberlake will be one of the protagonists of reptile, a thriller in production for Netflix. While her marriage to Jessica Biel it’s going full steam ahead. The two were spotted at her Hollywood premiere again a few days ago posting birthday photos of her at their estate where Timberlake continues his wine experiments.

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