Kansas City Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes to Michael Jordan comparisons receive backlash from Tom Brady fans after Super Bowl 58

Kansas City Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes just won another Super Bowl, which is why it’s time for comparisons to Michael Jordan again. The NBA legend still seems to be the gold standard when it comes to wins in professional sports, and in the eyes of many, Mahomes has earned the right to match his imposing presence.

pass Kevin Clark:

The reason I think Mahomes is Michael Jordan is because Jordan relegated many potential legends to secondary roles. He left little room for anyone else to breathe and shaped the legacy of nearly all of his contemporaries. We may see it again. He is on his way.

Who is the NFL’s Michael Jordan: Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs or Tom Brady?

However, people just don’t compare to MJ and then walk away without hearing what others on the internet think of this shot. There’s been a backlash in this issue from people who believe Tom Brady is closer to the former Chicago Bulls superstar shooting guard than the Chiefs’ signal-caller.

“I lost a Brady in his 40s. It’s like Michael Jordan losing to Dr. J in the NBA Finals. It’s like Jordan leading the Wizards to a championship in ’04 or ’05 (i.e. Tampa Bay) the same.” one X user replied.

“Am I on crazy drugs? Brady has won 7 Super Bowls and beat Mahomes twice! “Brady is the reason Mahomes won 3 instead of 5! said another.

“Brady is Jordan. If Mahomes gets 5 more championship rings, he can be MJ.” One person isn’t rejecting the idea that Mahomes might one day be widely regarded as football’s Michael Jordan The person interjected.

Another commenter said: “I don’t think Mahomes will have Reed as long as Jordan has Phil Jackson and Belichick has Brady. “A lot depends on who replaces Reed, I doubt he has 5 years left to live. “

“He already lost a Super Bowl…he can’t be Jordan…when he got to the championship game/series, Jordan never lost,” another quipped.

Whether people agree with that or not, is there still enough time left for Patrick Mahomes to try and close the gap between him and Brady in terms of Super Bowl rings. Mahomes is only 28 years old. He has a chance to achieve a goal that even Brady has not achieved, which is three consecutive Super Bowls.

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