Kanye West in Venice: police are investigating ‘acts contrary to decorum’

Scandalous photos Kanye West and his wife Bianca Censors they ended up on the table of the municipal police of Venice. Rumors have been circulating in the English tabloids for days that the story has been at the center of a local government investigation into circulated photos of a woman apparently performing oral sex on a rapper while they are on board a motorboat. boats on the Venetian lagoon.

Now ilGiornale.it is able to reveal that the American couple is the focus of one investigation internal municipal police of Venice. General command of the local police, coordinated Commander Mario Agostini – which was put into action given the media hype surrounding West and his wife. Validity period or complaint pending? There is very little concrete. Seeing the photographs in newspapers and agencies, the command became more active, but objectively, the photographs published by Dagospia do not capture the act, but it is clear that West was sitting with his pants down and his ass down, and in front of him was his wife. However, there is no document in the municipal file that sexual intercourse took place on the motorboat.

L’internal investigation continues attempts to collect material, but there are no video materials, there is only a possible testimony of the driver of a motor boat, about which, however, there was no news about the film festival these days, but he may be called next week. The man, whose identity is unknown, is the only one who can provide more details about what happened on the motorboat. Although he was busy driving and then talking on the phone during the disembarkation, Driver corpus is, so to speak, the “key test” of the internal investigation carried out by the municipality of Venice.

However, the participants in the case were under the impression that the story was artfully crafted to attract attention; organized to get into the papers, given the uproar, while the authorities had neither the intention nor the interest to give him resonance. That’s why the investigation began quietly, even before daily mail it turned out that the local authorities were moving.

If Kanye West and his wife Bianca Censori are found “guilty” of acts contrary to public decency (the violation is being investigated by the police), the local police will act as usual. Since these are acts contrary to public decency, there is no crime, but there is one violation administrative: 150 days to notify and a fine of 3,300 euros, together with a report, if a violation is found. However, it will still take weeks to find out how it will end. Meanwhile, the American couple is still in Italy – in Milan – but have been officially banned for life by the Venezia Turismo Motoscafi consortium, who made it clear through their representatives that neither West nor his wife would be welcome aboard one of the Venetian boats. .

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