Kanye West is still in Italy and other light news of the week

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Musica Leggerissima: news of the week

October 6 Fedez he was discharged from the Fatebenefratelli hospital in Milan. He was rushed to hospital for two ulcers that caused severe internal bleeding, requiring several blood transfusions. IN interview with Alzo Cazzullo In Corriere della Sera, Fedez explained what happened, saying that on the day he became ill, he should have boarded a plane to Los Angeles. “If I hadn’t noticed what was happening, I would have thrown up in the ocean, and I don’t know how it would have ended. I felt sick at home after I put the kids to bed. I lost consciousness and called an ambulance. Spent the night in the emergency room, then realized I had melena. Doctors quickly intervened to stop the bleeding so the ulcers wouldn’t bleed.
The rapper also spoke out about Rai’s refusal to take part in Francesca Fagnani’s program on Rai2. Animals. “They made a statement that I found extremely distasteful,” Fedez Cazzullo said. “Because I was in the hospital, literally dying, and I had no way to respond. I also found it particularly careless on a human level. And then I learned one thing from Ry: when you go on stage and talk about politicians, Rai doesn’t like it because there is no cross-examination.

Kanye West has been the subject of gossip this week for various reasons. The first news was releasing a video of West finishing the job pedicure. In a video posted to Instagram by his friend and colleague Ty Dolla $ign, the rapper complains about the harm the professional inflicts on him, even to the point of stopping treatment, declaring: “It’s my finger, it’s not a nail” and “It’s my feet and I decide ” All this, apparently, in an Irish primary school uniform.

There were also rumors about The rest of the pug on possibility of a concert by an American rapper in Reggio Emilia. The American rapper and ex-husband of Kim Kardashian continues to paparazzi in Italy with his new wife Bianca Censori (recall that while on vacation in Venice in early September, they were fined for indecent acts in a public place). place). Il Resto del Carlino he even reported checking Western producers Campovolo and although the hypothesis of a concert this Friday was dropped due to technical problems, the concert may be rescheduled for next weekend. The photo of Kanye West in Genoa for the Genoa-Milan match is dated Sunday, October 8th.

Finally, last week an article was published on Daily mail containing injudicious statements regarding the singer’s relationship with his wife Bianca Censori. In fact, as the newspaper reports, sources very close to the censors claim that woman submits to her husband, who will tell her when to speak, how to dress, how much to exercise and what to eat. Diet of Censors always supports Daily mailwill consist of kebabs, ice cream and watermelon juice.

Singer Doja Cathowever, found himself at the center of online controversy for posting a selfie on Instagram wearing it. T-shirt with a picture of a comedian with neo-Nazi sympathies. The comedian’s name is Sam Hyde, and he was accused of donating money to the legal defense of a neo-Nazi blogger. Hyde is also best known for co-creating the 2016 sketch comedy show, which was canceled after one season due to bigotry and racist and sexist content. Following the comments she received on her Instagram selfie, Doja Cat he deleted the selfie in which the T-shirt was visible, I posted only one very blurred and cropped so that the print was not visible.

Elodiefinally making some noise with the cover of his new song club tape, Red light. Cover designed by Milo Manara and depicts the singer naked.covered only by her very long hair, taking on the image that advertised the launch single, With the headlights off. On Tuesday evening, Stricia la Notizia brought Elodie a golden tapir especially for this cover; Having accepted this, the singer sarcastically commented that undressing is her passion, and also quoted the lyrics of one of the songs from the club recording: Elle: “They would like to dress me, they would like to cover me, but I am here to provoke, to add a little magic. / I will not make excuses to some people with confused ideas, with your mouths closed you are more beautiful / I have more than fifty shades, and I will give your censures an A as losers.”

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