Karate Brianza: Farewell to the Lovely Art Passionate Teacher

The city expresses condolences in connection with the untimely death of Martha Signy, support teachers. He was 38

Huge condolences to Karate Brianza on his untimely and unexpected death Martha Signy38 years old, teacher.
Today, Monday, August 21, at 3:30 pm, the young teacher will be buried at the Prepositional Church of Saints Ambrogio and Simpliciano.

Farewell to a sweet teacher passionate about art.

Sweet, smiling, patient with children: this is how many colleagues wanted to remember her, leaving messages full of tenderness and emotions.
Martha Signy, a support teacher, was highly respected in the school world and has visited various public schools in the area during her career. Until June, she worked at the Giussano “Gabrio Piola” complex, where she was greatly appreciated and had several friendships.

Signy was an art lover and also participated in exhibitions. In 2014, he presented his work at the San Gerardino Oasis in Monza in the group exhibition “Pictorial Fantasies” along with five other artists.
“She loved to draw, and she also really liked photography,” recalls her mother, “she was very passionate about art and adored her work.”

The Signy family is well known in Karate, and his father was the secretary of the Democratic Party and the leader of the group in the Council.

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